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This page aims to crowdsource potential applications and uses of Wikipedia for smart cities. It does not crowdsource ideas related to potential uses of Wiki-software (e.g. in the form of an open-source uniform, integrative system of city-Wikis) or online collaboration or open source model for smart cities but only for Wikipedia or Wikimedia projects.

Potential uses[edit]

Nearby feature of the app
IOS App 3.1.1 - screenshot 4.png
  • Geolocated Wikipedia articles located in cities (see also: Location-based service)
    • The Wikipedia app has a "Nearby"-feature which shows geolocated Wikipedia articles of spots of public interest and cultural significance. (See also: Ingress (game)) This has many uses in cities.
      • This feature could be coupled/integrated into e.g. a "city-app"
      • It can be used for tourism and sightseeing
      • It can be used by inhabitants to learn more about their city
    • Content of the Wikipedia could be "added" to the respective sites directly via displays or alike
    • Content of the Wikipedia could be "added" to the respective sites indirectly via QR codes, geotagging, near field communication or alike etc.
  • To some extend Wikipedia content can be used to increase the usefulness and efficiency of city services and venues, to make it meet the needs of its inhabitants and simply to inform about such
    • ...
  • ...


This section lists past, ongoing and planned related projects.

  • WikiTowns:

Withdrawn World Cities Expo invitation of Jimmy Wales[edit]

On 2 May, after the 29 April 2017 block of Wikipedia in Turkey, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, was removed from the guest list at the World Cities Expo event on smart cities to be held Istanbul Municipality from 15 to 18 May, making the following announcement: "Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales was disinvited from the ‘World Cities Expo Event’ and the decision has been communicated to him. Respectfully announced to the public."[1] Wales had hoped to attend despite the Wikipedia block, commenting: "I am looking forward to the visit. Istanbul is one of my favorite cities."[2][3]

The paradox and backwardness of disinviting the cofounder of Wikipedia and claiming to be an event on "smart cities" really shows there.
Blocking one of the major sources of structured, accessible, open knowledge and information of public interest in contemporary society and said platform's cofounder really is bizarre.


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