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#This is the spam exceptions filter.  Before every run, the bot will read this list and use it to exclude any links or pages that don't quite qualify for the whitelist inclusion.
#Any administrator may add an exception to this list.
#Use # to make a comment.  Comments last to the end of the line.
#To add an entry, simply add "page=page title|url=<nowiki>blacklisted address to ignore</nowiki>", no quotes.  <nowiki> is required or else the spam filter will block the addition.
#A * star is a wildcard.  Use it instead of a name or address to ignore a URL on any page or all URLs on page.
#Please do not add "page=*|url=*"
#If an exception no longer applies, please remove it.
#Place a comment above the exception you are adding, describing why it's being added.

ns=User talk
ns=Template talk
ns=Wikipedia talk
ns=File talk
ns=MediaWiki talk

#Request found at
page=Stylus (computing)|url=* #Contains a comment character.

#Request found at
page=BT Centre for Major Programme Management|url=<nowiki></nowiki>