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A star essay is an essay that has been quoted in discussions by at least 50 different editors.

An essay specifically can achieve this status after 50 distinct registered users cite it in discussion in a manner relevant to its actual meaning. For example, if an editor states something should be a certain way because a specific essay (or a shortcut to a part of an essay) says something, this counts as one use.

If the same editor cites an essay in multiple discussions, this does not count as multiple uses.


A star essay will display the following template at the top:

Star essays are not policies or guidelines. But this amount of usage does demonstrate a likely consensus about their usage, and therefore, the possibility of them serving as a potential policy or guideline.

How does an essay get elevated to star status?[edit]

Any user can elevate an essay to star status. To do so, one should examine usage of the essay by clink on the "what links here" tab of the essay page. The user making this examination then counts the number of registered users who have mentioned the essay in a manner pertinent to its meaning.

When counting toward the 50 uses, each registered user should only be counted once. What is important is how many actual people have quoted all or part of the essay.

If an essay is mentioned two or more times on a single page by multiple users each with independent thought, it can be counted more than once.

Even the examiner's own use may be counted as a single use.

Any time an essay is quoted in a manner in which someone opposes that essay, this usage should not be counted.

After determining that the essay deserves star status, the examiner then adds the {{star essay}} template to the top of the page.

Elevating one's own essay[edit]

It is acceptable to elevate an essay one wrote oneself to star status, provided that the above guidelines are carefully followed.

Revoking star status[edit]

Star status can be revoked from an essay if any of the following is determined:

  • The examiner did not carefully follow guidelines for giving the essay star status
  • The examiner has counted multiple uses by his/her own sock puppet accounts in the total, or has counted uses by accounts operated by others that s/he knows are sock puppet accounts

Star status cannot be revoked from an essay if any of the following is determined:

  • The number of uses required is raised following consensus, but some essays have already been labeled star essays using the old standards
  • The examiner assumed good faith and counted uses by multiple registered users not knowing or suspecting they were sock puppets