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The Supreme Court of Wikipedia[edit]

This court by May 1st, 2006, will have a group of nine users to decide cases that may come up during the course of their term. The Supreme Court will not hear cases on simple issues (ex. proposed page moves), but will hear appeals from the Arbitration Committee on whether or not their ruling is valid or not. If you wish to nominate any users for this honorable position, please place them below. The Chief Justice will be decided by Jimbo once all nine seats are filled. Each judge gets a one-year term, and can be removed by Jimbo, only if three other judges on the court agree with Jimbo.


When the Supreme Court opens, it will vote on whether to hear cases or not. Only three judges have to accept a case for it to be heard. Then once they have agreed to hear the case, the court will read arguments of all parties, (these evidence pages will be locked for editing to only those parties and Jimbo), and then vote on whether the previous decision was valid or not. It requires at least five of the nine judges to agree on a decision. The court will then pick someone to write the Majority Opinion, and a possible Dissenting Opionion. There will be a Court Clerk, appointed by the Chief Justice and Jimbo to make corrections in the spelling of the opionions.

Possible Clerks?[edit]

Discussion Here


Chief Justice: Associate Justices:

Appeal Process[edit]

1. Dispute

2. Mediators

3. Admins. come along

4. Arb. Com.


NOTE: This is the place of last resort!

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