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Sometimes your plans for Wikipedia don't work out the way you expect. Disappointment turns to anger, and anger turns to action. If you fall into a tar pit while running amok, here's how to survive:

1. Relax, and move slowly. The faster you react, the faster you'll sink. Quick responses may lead to more user warnings and blocks.

2. Listen to the good advice of other editors. Many people will feel sorry for your predicament, even though you may be getting exactly what you deserve. While you think they are adversaries, these people could have a sincere desire to help you.

3. If you are enraged, you may mistake friends for enemies and lash out at those who try to rescue you. Assume the best. If somebody is a false friend, that will hurt their reputation, not yours.

Rescue procedures[edit]

Try not to goad an angry editor. As fun as that may seem, saving somebody is far more satisfying. User warning templates have been crafted to deliver firm, yet polite messages. Use them instead of making snide remarks.

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