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TomeRaider 3 Ebook Reader TomeRaider is an ebook reader and cross-platform reference viewer for handheld devices (Android, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Psion, Symbian) and Microsoft Windows PC. TomeRaider was created by Yadabyte, a UK software and web development company. The first version of TomeRaider was developed in 1999, developed up to TomeRaider version 3.

There were over 4,000 free ebooks and reference books base available for the TomeRaider ebook readers, many of these reference books are not available in any other format. TomeRaider is the only software that supports the entire English Wikipedia:TomeRaider database (updated until December 2007) and the Internet Movie Database. (This file is updated on a regular basis.)

The last release is version 3, which included support for images category support, searching and compression. HTML is supported in the Pocket PC and to a lesser degree in the latest Palm version, where HTML tables and Unicode are not working yet. The TomeRaider format compresses text files to 45%–60% of the original size. Unlike other ebook readers and Wikipedia software, TomeRaider ebook reader features extremely fast searching, indexing and text compression.

The TomeRaider software version for personal computer supported on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista allows users to import and create their own TR3 files, as well as convert forward and backward between old TR file and the new TR3 version.


  • TomeRaider 3 for Android
  • TomeRaider 3 for PPC
  • TomeRaider 3 for Palm OS
  • TomeRaider 3 for Windows
  • TomeRaider 3 for Symbian S60
  • TomeRaider for EPOC
  • TomeRaider for Nokia Communicator Series
  • TomeRaider for Sony Ericsson P 800/900
  • WikiTome Reader Series 40+
  • TomeRaider 3 for Windows Mobile

Both TR2 and TR3 works fine on Windows Mobile 6. However there is no further information whether TR works also on Windows Mobile 8, which is now installed on Nokia phones.

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