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Week 1: Introduction: What is Wikipedia?[edit]

In class assignment
Read and discuss the Five Pillars of Wikipedia
  • Homework: Wikimedia Foundation (2010). Evaluating Wikipedia Article Quality. Evaluating Wikipedia Article Quality

Week 3: Evaluation of Articles[edit]

In class assignment
Read and and evaluate articles for neutrality
    • Homework: Read and evaluate and assigned Wikidpedia entry
    • Homework: Journal Response to Article Evaluation (To be Completed in ANGEL)
    • Due September 9, by 11:59 PM: Journal Response to Evaluating a Wikipedia Article

Week 4: What is Research?[edit]

Friday, September 16: Meet with Dana Tuley- Williams in the Library

Week 5 and 6: Annotated Bibliography[edit]

In class
What is an annotated bibliography
    • Assigned: Annotated Bibliography (rough draft due week 8; final draft due week 11)
    • Assigned: Wikipedia topics to be edited
    • Homework: User:Awadewit, et al. (2009).Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism

    • Homework: Avoiding Plagiarism Quiz (available on ANGEL) (10)

Resource: Bisignani, Dana, & Brizee, Allen (2006). Annotated Biblographies.

    • Due September 30, by 11:59 PM : Journal Response to Article Evaluation

Week 8: Using Wikipedia[edit]

In class assignment
How to set up a Wikipedia user account
In class
Meet On Campus and Online Ambassadors
    • Due October 14, at the start of class: Annotated Bibliography Rough Draft (20)
    • Homework:Leave a message on your group members talk pages

Week 10: Using Wikipedia[edit]

    • Due October 28, by 11:59 PM: Leave a message on your group members talk pages

Week 11: Using Wikipedia[edit]

In class
Using your sandbox
In class
Editing a wikipedia page the basics

Week 12: Using Wikipedia[edit]

    • Due November 11, by 11:59 PM: Make at least two edits to your assigned Wikiepdia article in your sandbox

Week 15: Using Wikipedia[edit]

In class
Discuss article: New Faces of 1946.
In class assignment
Evaluate Wikipedia entry: United States House of Representatives elections, 1946.
    • Due December 2, by 11:59 PM : Assigned Wikipedia Articles edited and ready to go live from the sandbox (50)

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