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Project description[edit]

Students will work in groups of 3 or 4 to expand an existing Wikipedia article or section. I will make the final assignment of groups and topics after all students submit their rankings of interest level. I understand students are usually anxious about working together in groups, especially when assessment/grades are dependent on group performance due to concerns that some may not contribute in a fair fashion. However, out in the real world, you cannot choose who your co-workers are. Nevertheless, you still need to develop a professional, mutually respectful relationship with them, and address conflicts/concerns in a way that is constructive and respectful. This project offers an opportunity for you to develop those skill in preparation for the employment world. I will be available to assist you through the process if issues should arise.

Eligible articles for this project are listed in the Articles section. Students can also suggest an article that they are interested in editing for my approval. Please see the Timeline section for assignments due each week.

The goals are this project are to:

  1. Develop in-depth understanding of a topic related to brain and behavior
  2. Improve social skills in working and collaborating with others
  3. Improve professional writing skills to address a general audience
  4. Enhance professional deportment, which include following directions and being respectful (e.g., learn about Wikipedia culture and follow its guidelines and etiquette)
  5. Contribute to the Wikipedia community by improving an existing article or stub

I think you'll like this project, because your work will live on in perpetuity in Wikipedia (unless someone "improves" your article). It's exciting to make a contibution to something that over 470 million visitors access. You are representing not only yourself, but Roosevelt University too, so make us proud!

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Instructor and Ambassadors[edit]

Lisa Lu Neuropsychprof (talk)
Online Ambassadors


8/28/12: Wikipedia Essentials[edit]

In class
  • Overview of the course
  • Introduction to how Wikipedia will be used in the course
Assignment (due 9/4/12)
  • Read: Welcome to Wikipedia and Five pillars, an explanation of Wikipedia's basic rules and principles (all Wikipedia reading assignments are available on reserve in the library, so students who do not have access to their own computer at home or internet access can still obtain these materials to read. Go to the reservation desk and ask for PSYC 336 materials)
  • Review the articles listed in Articles and rank 5 that you would like to research and expand on Roosevelt's Blackboard page (submit on Discussion Board).

9/4/12: Editing basics[edit]

In class
  • Basics of editing
  • Anatomy of Wikipedia articles, what makes a good article, how to distinguish between good & bad articles
Assignments (due 9/11/12)
  • All students have Wikipedia user accounts and are listed on the course page.

9/11/12: Project topic & sample article[edit]

In class
  • Project topic assignment & assignment of groups (3-4 per group)
Assignments (due 9/18/12)
  • Add your name to the User column corresponding to your assigned article
  • Critically evaluate this article on the amygdala (How is the organization of the content? What would you like to know about the topic is not presented? Is the writing style neutral and are references provided? Which aspect of this article would you like to aspire to emulate? What aspect of this article would you like to avoid in your own article?)
  • Research topic area (by using databases such as PubMed and PsychInfo) & start requesting articles/references via interlibrary loan if our library doesn't have them (each student is allowed 5 free interlibrary loan requests each week)

9/18/12: Primary vs. secondary sources[edit]

In class
  • Discussion of differences between primary and secondary sources
Assignment (due 9/25/12)
  • View videos if you need more help: Citing sources tutorial video, RefToolbar citation tool tutorial video
  • Research topic area: read articles/chapters you've obtained. This initial reading will likely lead you to more articles/chapters. Obtain additional articles/chapters from the library.
  • Create an initial outline of your article
  • Bring articles/chapters to class

9/25/12: Group work[edit]

In class
  • Work with your group to develop strategies for structuring your article. Come up with an outline for your article. Specify responsibilities of each team member
Assignments (due 10/2/12)
  • Add the Wikipedia Ambassador Program banner (see below) to your article's talk page.
  • Post a bibliography of relevant research to the talk page of the article you are working on.

10/2/12: Drafting starter articles[edit]

In class
  • Wikipedia culture & etiquette. Introduce the concept of sandboxes and how to use them.
Assignments (due 10/9/12)
  • Write an outline of your article content after it's been improved, and post this along with a brief description of your plans on the article's talk page.
  • Begin working with classmates and Online Ambassadors to polish your short starter article and fix any major transgressions of Wikipedia norms.
  • Video resource: Sandbox tutorial
  • Continue research and reading in preparation for expanding your article.
  • All students have started editing articles or drafts on Wikipedia.

10/9/12: Building articles 1[edit]

In class
  • Work with group to refine article
Wiki assignments (due 10/16/12)
  • Begin expanding your article into a comprehensive treatment of the topic.

10/16/12: Building articles 2[edit]

In class or outside of class
  • Work with group to refine article
Wiki assignments (due 10/23/12)

10/23/12: Getting and giving feedback[edit]

In class
  • As a group, have the students offer suggestions for improving one or two of the students' articles, setting the example for what is expected from a solid encyclopedia article.
  • Work with group to compose a one-sentence "hook" for your article in preparation for nomination to "Did you know."
Wiki assignments (due 10/30/12)
  • Peer review the two articles you signed up for. Leave suggestions on the article talk pages.
  • Read handout: Submitting articles to Did You Know
  • Finish composing a one-sentence "hook" for your article, nominate it for "Did you know," and monitor the nomination for any issues identified by other editors.
  • All articles have been reviewed by others. All students have reviewed articles by their classmates.

10/30/12: Responding to feedback[edit]

In class
  • Open discussion of the concepts of neutrality, media literacy, and the impact and limits of Wikipedia
  • Learn about Good Article review process: Good article nominations
Wiki assignments (due 11/6/12)
  • Prepare for an in-class presentation about your Wikipedia article. Each group will speak for 7 minutes to share what you learned about your topic and your experience in editing a Wikipedia article.
Wiki assignments (due 11/13/12)
  • Make edits to your article based on peers' feedback.
  • Nominate your article for Good Article status.

11/6/12: Class presentations 1[edit]

In class
  • Half of the groups will give in-class presentations.

11/13/12: Due date[edit]

Share your project with your family over Thanksgiving break!

Wiki assignments (due 11/27/12)
  • Write a reflective essay (2-3 pages) on your Wikipedia contributions and submit it on Roosevelt's Blackboard Assignment tab.
  • Students have finished all their work on Wikipedia that will be considered for grading, and have submitted reflective essays.

11/27/12: Monitor Good Article nomination status[edit]

Wiki assignments (due 12/11/12)
  • Add final touches to you Wikipedia article. Try to address issues from Good Article reviews.

12/11/12: Class presentations 2[edit]

You made it!
In class
  • The other half of the groups will give in-class presentations.
  • Articles that achieved Good Article status will receive 10 extra credit points towards to the Wikipedia Project grade (awarded to all members of the group).


This table lists articles from which the class may choose to work on. Alternative articles identified by students must be approved by me first. Students assigned to the article will add their user identification and name in the User column. Each student will sign up and review two articles, and enter their name in the Reviewers columns.

User Article Topic area Reviewers
Animal sexual behavior - Add a neurochemistry section addressing roles of oxytocin and vasopressin in reproductive behavior Sex User:ThatsSoAleks
User:Funky3cold3medina User:Maryrus
User: Bpetersenroosevelt
Homosexual behavior in animals - Genetic and physiological basis section Sex User:reva_m18
User:psychmjr12 User:MariusCuciulan
Insomnia -> Treatment -> Medications -> Melatonin and melatonin agonists - need mechanism of action Sleep & brain waves User:Sasenick412


Mu wave Sleep & brain waves user:HGilbert12
User: VWBeetle23
Myoclonic epilepsy Sleep & brain waves User:FutureSocialNeuroscientist
Multilingualism - Need a section on brain organization in multilingualism Language User:hpilla15
Language acquisition -> Representation of language acquisition in the brain - Need a section on prelingual deafness Language User:hpilla15
Attentional control Attention User:Justine28


Phobia - Neurobiology section Mental illness User:sbenduha
Learned helplessness - Neurobiology section Mental illness User:FutureSocialNeuroscientist
Dopamine reuptake inhibitor - see Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor as a model Mental illness User:rorystewart
Hallucination - Pathophysiology section Mental illness user:Sasenick412
User: VWBeetle23 User:Maryrus
Reward system Motivation user:HGilbert12

Article banners

To mark each article the subject of a student project, add the following code at the top of the talk page for each article: {{ WAP assignment | course = Wikipedia:United States Education Program/Courses/Brain and Behavior (Lisa Lu) | university = Roosevelt University | term = 2012 Q3 | project = }} That will result in the following banner (and make the articles easy to track):


Some grades are earned individually. Others are group points where everyone in the group receives the same grade. These are indicated below by "group". The Wikipedia project will have a total of 100 points, which contributes to 20% of course grade, as stated in our course syllabus (available on Roosevelt's Blackboard Syllabus and Info page). Below is a breakdown of 100 points for the Wikipedia project:

_____ (2 point) Interest ranking is submitted on Roosevelt's Blackboard Discussion Board by 9/4/12
_____ (4 points) Create a user name, add yourself to the Articles table and Students list, and leave a message for a classmate on their talk page by 9/18/12
_____ (2 points) Bring a critique of the amygdala article to class on 9/18/12 and discuss with group
_____ (2 pts) Bring an outline of your assigned article to class on 9/25/12 and discuss with group
_____ (8 pts - group) The group posts a proposed outline and the Wikipedia Ambassador Program banner (see above) on the talk page of the assigned article by 10/9/12
_____ (6 pts) Provide feedback to 2 other articles on their talk page by 10/30/12 (note feedback must address content, organization, or other substantive information. General feedback such as "good job" is insufficient to earn credit)
_____ (6 pts) Reflection paper is submitted on Roosevelt's Blackboard's Assignments page by 11/27/12
Article format as of 11/13/12 (group)[edit]
_____ (5 pts) Added section(s) is at least 6 paragraphs in length
_____ (5 pts) Article follows the standards Wikipedia structure for good, full length articles
_____ (5 pts) No more than one grammatical/spelling error throughout the article
Article content as of 11/13/12 (group)[edit]
_____ (5 pts) In-text citations are placed and used correctly according to Wikipedia format
_____ (10 pts) Bibliography includes at least 5 secondary sources, all of which are cited within the article, and formatted correctly according to Wikipedia format
_____ (20 pts) Body of the edited sections includes all reasonably researched information (i.e., I shouldn't be able to do a quick literature search and find info not included in the article). Info are presented in neutral point of view and are supported by secondary sources of information.
_____ (10 pts) Article content follows a reasonable organization, consistent with Wikipedia standards
_____ (10 pts) All comments/suggestions given by peers or the Wikipedia community are addressed. If change was not made, adequate explanation was given.
Penalities (group)[edit]

Articles must go "live" by 10/23/12 (i.e., your content must appear on the article's page and visible to the public). There is a 5 point penality for every 24 hours of tardiness. Note although you will not be graded on content and format until 11/13/12, you will suffer from public humiliation if your article is in a poor shape.



Add your username to the list here using the format for Example User below: