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Course description[edit]

The last decade has been marked by significant transformations in the way communication is forged by institutions and individuals. This course will focus on the theoretical premises of such trends and movements, the fashion by which they utilize media trends, their patterns and content. Readings and class discussions will examine the categorical definitions of radical, independent, alternative, social, network and user-produced media and their contextualization within local, global and hybrid locales. From the use of video-sharing portals for self-memorialization and historicization to major public events (e.g Twitter during and after the 2009 Iranian Presidential elections) to the utilization of microblogging both as commodification and subversion to authority, the course will explore how new media technology can be perceived/appropriated as simultaneously hegemonic and counterhegemonic. Georgetown Course Description

Instructor and Ambassadors[edit]

Adel Iskandar
Campus Ambassadors
Kelsey Brannan Theresa Schlafly
Online Ambassadors


September 13[edit]

Wikipedia Introduction

September 20[edit]

Wikipedia editing workshop (in-class)

November 1[edit]

In-class editing session

December 6[edit]

Last class


Each student is expected to contribute to three articles on Wikipedia over the course of the semester.

Article banners

To mark each article the subject of a student project, add the following code at the top of the talk page for each article: {{ WAP assignment | course = Wikipedia:United States Education Program/Courses/New Media: Dissidence, Innovation, Community (Adel Iskandar) | university = Georgetown University | term = 2011 Q3 | project = }} That will result in the following banner (and make the articles easy to track):

User Article 1st reviewer 2nd reviewer
User:wndyfrg Rassd News Network (RNN) open open
User:liuyue0916 Programming of Radio Insurgente open open
User:liuyue0916 Activism 2.0 open open
User:wndyfrg Sugar Loaf Farm open open
User:Tonaaj Battle of Zahleh open open
User:Tonaaj Use Of The Term Slacktivism open open
User:Tonaaj City of Zahle, History open open
User:Tonaaj Radio Insurgente open open
User:Tonaaj RASSD English to Arabic Translations open open
User:saracott91 Occupy D.C. open open
User:cmeds Scoutmob open open
User:cmeds Anonymous OpCartel open open
User:liuyue0916 Yao Jiaxin murder case open open
User:liuyue0916 Politically motivated slacktivism open open
User:cmeds Censorship on Cuban Internet open open
User: nprutzer Criticism of Understanding Media open open
User: nprutzer Differentiating Between Visual Culture Studies and Image Studies open open
User:saulpaugh Borgerhout open open
User:Morantes RASSD Android Mobile Phone Application open open
User:Morantes Luxury good slacktivism open open
User:Morantes Parody open open
User:Morantes Production and Support open open
User:Saulpaugh Blottr open open
User:jespi06 BloomBars open open
User: nprutzer Awards Won by ARGs open open
User: nprutzer Scholarly Views on ARGs open open
User:wndyfrg Digital Omnivore open open
User:Daniwikis Global tolerance open open
User:Daniwikis Objectives of Radio Insurgente open open
User:Daniwikis Global Tolerance open open
User:CamiK26 Charity Slacktivism open open
User:CamiK26 Occupy DC open open
User:CamiK26 Social Media and Cultural Diplomacy open open
User:CamiK26 Americans Elect open
User:Pedrodavies The fancy open open
User:Pedrodavies Programming of Radio Insurgente open open
User:jespi06 Cyberbullying: Comparison to traditional bullying open open
User:yozhan The Turkish collaborative hypertext dictionary open open
User:yozhan Social media measurement open open
User:yozhan 2011 Egyptian revolution open open
User:Ac1370 DC Inside open open
User:Ac1370 Cyworld open


The Wikipedia assignment will count as 25% of your course grade.


Add your username to the list here using the format for Example User below: