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Course description[edit]

MSU's TISM department has been working with the Wikimedia Foundation to develop a brand new course called Wiki-Project Management. This course is a pilot project and will be the first in the world to introduce students to the process of becoming Wikipedia administrators. Students will learn general Project Management skills and apply them to the social media realm, with the main emphasis being the study of the Wikipedia social network. The course in many ways will be a "Wikipedia internship" in which students will connect directly with members of the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikipedia online community to learn how Wikipedia operates from the perspective of an administrator. The course provides a tremendous opportunity to work with one of the most popular social media organizations in the world, without having to leave East Lansing.

Michigan State University
Michigan State University
Michigan State University

Instructor and Ambassadors[edit]

Jonathan Obar
Campus Ambassadors
Christopher Cheney, Anna Chlopecki
Online Ambassadors
Cindy Ashley-Nelson
Teaching Assistant
Young June Sah

Group Work[edit]

Group 1[edit]

Group 1 Sandbox

Group 2[edit]

Group 2 Sandbox

Group 3[edit]

Group 3 Sandbox
Group 3 Bookshelf

Group 4[edit]

Group 4 Sandbox

Group 5[edit]

Group 5 Bookshelf

Items That Can Help Organize a Page[edit]

Group Project Discussion On Wikipedia[edit]

RfAs Reviewed[edit]

Make sure to review the list to ensure that your RfA hasn't already been chosen.

User Successful RfA Unsuccessful RfA
User:Kamouaa Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Swarm Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Sven_Manguard
User:Bramson Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Leyo Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Silver seren
User:nageljac09 Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Tom_Morris Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Logan
User:Starkst3 Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/The Blade of the Northern Lights Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/BusterD
User:bariaga1 Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/PresN Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Woe90i
User:walbyjon Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Thingg_2 Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Editorofthewiki
User:tarucstephen Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Fayenatic_london Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Jeff_G.
User:vert3x Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Diannaa Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/S Marshall 2
User:zunkk Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/The Bushranger Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Richwales
User:crawf279 Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Boing!_said_Zebedee Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Dudemanfellabra
User:Alliehock Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/AniMate Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Hazard-SJ
User:ltezl Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Urhixidur Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/BRG
User:SpartyParty Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Explicit Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Suntag
User:Stepiena Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/GorillaWarfare Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/White Shadows
User:sucherju Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Dpmuk Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Figureskatingfan
User:terryhow Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Mike Cline Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Merle Lang
User:Hilldav9 Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/JohnCD Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Paste
User:SirGuybrush Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Guerillero Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/GiantSnowman
User:Sh.ritvik Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Gimme danger Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Laptopmaker
User:murph146 Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Anomie Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/28bytes
User:M.alshanabla Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Ucucha Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Alansohn_2
User: Melvinbender Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Andrew_Norman Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/MacMed
User:Cavana60 Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/Chunky_Rice Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship/HolyRomanEmperor3
User:name here Link to successful RfA Link to unsuccessful RfA
User:test Link to successful RfA Link to unsuccessful RfA
User:name here Link to successful RfA Link to unsuccessful RfA
User:name here Link to successful RfA Link to unsuccessful RfA
User:name here Link to successful RfA Link to unsuccessful RfA
User:name here Link to successful RfA Link to unsuccessful RfA
User:name here Link to successful RfA Link to unsuccessful RfA
User:name here Link to successful RfA Link to unsuccessful RfA

Articles Edited By Our Students[edit]

User: User Article Description of Edit
User:ltezl Heroes of Newerth Added information about the item list in the game.
User:Sh.ritvik Tilt-shift photography Added information about the working of the tilt-shift lens and photography regarding plane shifting.
User:M.alshanabla Dubai Added information about Dubai's summer being very humid and uncomfortable to many."
User:Starkst3 Pavel Datsyuk Added information about what years he won the Lady Byng trophy.
User:hilldav9 Synodontis geledensis Added information about fish location and size.
User:sucherju Michigan State Spartans football Changed the Big Ten Championship description and added location for the game."
User:Maabsta Currensy Added information about his record label.
User:Stepiena The Velvet Underground Added info about a new lawsuit that was filed.
User:Kamouaa List of Telecaster players Added info about "Thomas Boulard" to the list.
User:Vert3x Wakfu Updated info on current release state and added citation.
User:Bramson WXMI Updated info on former employee 'Brent Ashcroft' and added a citation.
User:Bramson Hopwood Depree Updated Philanthropy section with better info about the Waterfront Film Festival.
User:Bramson Bike and Build Updated amount organization has raised and amount participants need to raise. Added citations, fixed grammar.
User:nageljac09 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Added a short two sentence section on the personal lives of the cast.
User:Cavana60 Stop Online Piracy Act I added to the opposition section, stating that the White House has gone on record as opposing the current form of the bill, with the appropriate citation from
User:walbyjon Dell Latitude Added information to the current model section to reflect current CPU availability
User:SirGuybrush Acer Aspire Timeline Added/updated current models information listed on official site.
User:SpartyParty Donald Glover Added information about a recent cameo he made on a youtube series
User:Alliehock Michigan State Spartans cross country Added the year 2011 to the list of Big Ten Championships.
User:Tinu1 Mark Dantonio I added information about his coaching history.
User:Melvinbender How To Make It In America I added information about the plot for the series.
User:Zunkk DeWitt, Michigan Added information about the city's first electrical vehicle charging station.
User:crawf279 CA IT Process Automation Manager Added information about the recent change in the software's name. Also added reference link to reference section.
User:murph146 Chris Paul I added information and a citation about his possible purchase of Avril Lavigne's mansion.
User:murph146 Amazon Kindle Fire added one sentence and a citation about how the Amazon Kindle helped raise the company’s 1Q estimates
User:murph146 Amsterdam I added two sentences and citation about a new regulation that could curtail the drug issues
User:murph146 Anne Hathaway I added one sentence and a citation about her recent performance at the CinemaCon awards this year
User:murph146 Charlize Theron I added one sentence and a citation about her award that she won at the recent CinemaCon awards.
User:murph146 Citizen Watch Co. I added two sentences and a citation about the Citizen Perpetual Chrono A-T which is a watch of theirs I own
User:murph146 Dimitri Young I added one sentence and a citation about his expansive unblemished baseball collection
User:murph146 KFC added one sentence and a citation about the settlement they paid to a girl who got sick from their food in Austraila
User:murph146 Nokia I added two sentences and a citation about Nokia’s rating being cut to “junk” by Standards & Poor rating company
User:murph146 Ryan Tannehill I added one sentence and a citation about his wife and how they met and where they had their wedding
User:murph146 Sea Lamprey I added one sentence and citation about sea lampreys being shipping to England from the Great Lakes
User:nageljac09 TechSmith I added 9 short sections on their products that weren't mentioned, added some information to existing sections and added 17 new sources. **Addition I added around 700 words of content to those sections and 6 new sources.
User:crawf279 Storage Wars I added a review to the "Critical reception" section, along with a citation.
User:crawf279 Trials Evolution Added information and a citation regarding the game's downloadable size and cost in Microsoft Points.
User:crawf279 Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Added file size and purchasing information with a credible citation.
User:crawf279 Jhonny Peralta Added information about Jhonny's first walk off home run as a Detroit Tiger, which just happened 10 minutes ago!

Article Talk Page Debates[edit]

User Article Description of Discussion
User:ltezl Heroes of Newerth Made a comment about what I had added, because it seems there has been some debate on weather or not to add the information
User:ltezl Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Made a comment asking a question if a section regarding game modes should be added to the current page
User:Sh.ritvik Talk:Tilt-shift photography Made a comment about how tilt-shift effects could be achieved.
User:M.alshanabla Liverpool F.C. Started a new topic on the forum about Luis Suarez's 8 match ban and how it was a very bad decision for the refs and the club"
User:hilldav9 Talk:Rujm ash Shami Made a comment about the wiki
User:Maabsta Currensy Made an observation about the main page.
User:sucherju Michigan State University Debated whether famous alumni that don't have their own Wikipedia page should be included on the famous MSU alumni list.
User:Stepiena The Velvet Underground Questioned whether or not a section of the article could be its own article.
User:Kamouaa France 24 Questioned if we should add information about the upcoming company merge with RFI
User:Vert3x Wakfu Added under "Rewrite needed" that comparisons to Dofus should probably be left in the introduction.
User:Bramson Saugatuck, Michigan Started a discussion about whether or not the Waterfront Film Festival should be included in the article.
User:nageljac09 TechSmith Offered up an article/review I found on one of their main products that could be used as a source to add info to the article.
User:Cavana60 Talk:Star Wars: The Old Republic Discussed the validity of the pricing structure of the game, in which they opted not to include a subscription-less offline mode.
User:SirGuybrush World of Monkey Island Discussed the possible inclusion of the minor character Kenny Falmouth on the list of minor characters.
User:SpartyParty Talk:Postal III Made a post about the release delay on STEAM
User:Alliehock Talk:Lake Orion High School Proposed a re-evaluation of school's outdated list of activities.
User:Tinu1 Spartan Stadium (East Lansing) I commented on the article in general.
User:walbyjon Core i I suggested a new redirect for this page.
User:Melvinbender Talk:How to Make It in America Suggested possible rumors about third season.
User:Zunkk Talk:Green Bay Packers Suggested that someone with editing privileges update information regarding the teams 2011 stock sale.
User:crawf279 Kindle Fire Suggested that credit be given to the dev team at Xda-developers for the recent release of a working Ice Cream Sandwich rom for Kindle Fire.
User:murph146 ps vita I added updated information on the release date of the new PS Vita.
User:nageljac09 TechSmith I commented that I added a lot of information and I wanted to be sure my sources were good enough based on the debate going on.
User:crawf279 Miike Snow I added a new section on the talk page to discuss that certain portions of the article aren't cited and are based on speculation.
User:crawf279 Empire of the Sun (band) I created a new talk heading suggesting that a section be added to the article to cover the band's unique image.
User:crawf279 Trials Evolution Started the first section in this talk page, pointed out a discrepancy in information and provided a citation as proof.
User:crawf279 Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Added a new section on the talk page discussing the changes I had made, and inquiring if it is against WP policy to include pricing information.
User:crawf279 Jhonny Peralta Added a new section to the talk page discussing the changes I made.

Article banners

To mark each article the subject of a student project, add the following code at the top of the talk page for each article: {{ WAP assignment | course = Wikipedia:United States Education Program/Courses/Wiki-Project Management (Jonathan Obar) | university = Michigan State University | term = 2012 Q1 | project = }} That will result in the following banner (and make the articles easy to track):


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