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This page documents a failed proposal from 2006. The 2013 essay formerly at this title has been moved to User:Born2cycle/Unnecessary disambiguation, in accordance with Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/Wikipedia:Unnecessary disambiguation.

Proposal 1 - GW_Simulations[edit]

If multiple articles have the same logical name (for example Delta rocket), they are disambiguated by adding to the title. This system was originally introduced to stop naming conflicts, however it has spread to articles which need not be disambiguated, for example Delta IV rocket and NASA Shuttle Landing Facility.

Therefore I am proposing that page names should, by policy, not be disambiguated unless there are other articles that use the same name. This includes cases of articles being disambiguated from non-existent pages for consistency with similar articles, (for example Delta IV rocket)

Further, if something is known by multiple names, and use of the most common name would require disambiguation, then the most common non-disambiguated name should be used instead.