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You've probably been pointed here because you're committing (or have committed) a cardinal sin on Wikipedia, namely - editing the final section of a talk page or noticeboard to put a new (entirely unrelated) section at the bottom (and kept the default edit summary).

Why does this matter?[edit]

When you do this, it makes it look like you are responding to the (at the time) final section on the page and it may cause people to unnecessarily visit the page if they were following that thread.

It may also cause an unnecessary edit conflict.

What do you want from me?[edit]

At the top of most talk and noticeboard pages is a "new section" button (sometimes shortened to "+"). Please consider using this handy button to create a new section, rather than hanging it off another section's coattails.

Alternatively, remember to blank the default edit summary so as to not cause confusion.