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On 17 December 2005, jguk proposed the following two guidelines:

  • (1) that Wikipedia should not use as a reference.
  • (2) that Wikipedia should not use as an external link which isn't a reference.

There is an alternative to (2) being:

  • (2a) that Wikipedia may use sparingly as an external link which isn't a reference provided that it is accompanied by an observation that it is a non-scholarly site written primarily by one non-academic.

Comment from jguk This is not a proposal for censorship - it is a request that facts inserted into articles are referenced by reliable, reputable sources rather than what is effectively a blog. If material can only be referenced by then we really shouldn't have it in wikipedia - if it can be referenced by better sources, we should quote those instead.

Consensus has not yet been reached on this proposal. See the talk page for details.