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The following describes ways to use the wp:VisualEditor (VE) to insert and modify references or citations of wp:RS sources in an article. The VE interface allows insertion of templates, with each parameter added separately, such as for the wp:CS1-style citation templates: {{cite_web}}, {{cite_news}}, {{cite_book}}, {{cite_journal}}, etc.

When using the VisualEditor, the general process to insert a reference is:

  1. Click on the "Insert reference" icon. A new window appears.
  2. Select "Create new source"
  3. Click the "Insert reference" button. This opens another new window.
  4. Click on the puzzle icon in the new window. This opens a third new window.
  5. In the text box, type "Cite", but don't press return
  6. Select the citation template, ignoring anything with /doc on the end
  7. Click "Add template"
  8. Fill in the details.
    1. Select the desired parameter (or type some of it in, then select it)
    2. Scroll to hidden buttons and click on "Add parameter"
    3. Enter the data
    4. Select the template again from the left side to add a second or further parameter and repeat until finished, then select "Apply changes".
  9. Select "Apply changes"

Because of the tedious nature of the numerous point-and-click steps needed to insert a reference footnote, some users might prefer to use the "Edit-source" mode for editing a page, and then more quickly modify the references within the source markup wikitext, instead.

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