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Here is some advice for those who haven't edited in a long time:

Wikipedia is a volunteer service. You are under no obligation to do any minimum amount of editing, or to edit every so often in order to keep your account or to keep it in good standing. If for any reason, you have not edited in a long time, whether by choice, or as a result of circumstances beyond your control, you may pick up where you left and be the same old editor you used to be.

You are permitted to take a break any time you want, for any reason, for as long as you want. You do not have to announce your break, though if you wish, you can place the {{wikibreak}} template on your user page or talk page. You do not have to state the reason for your break. And when you return, you do not have to explain why you were out so long. You may get asked this by one or more editors. But it is your choice to answer. Wikipedia is really about getting the encyclopedia written, and not telling about your personal life.