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To join the Los Angeles task force, add your username to:

If you place {{Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Userbox/la}} on your user page, this template will display the userbox shown above and will add your user page to:

WikiProject California user templates[edit]

Wiki markup userbox where used
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Userbox}} linked pages
{{Template:User WP California}} linked pages
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Userbox/ie}} linked pages
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Userbox/la}} linked pages
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Userbox/la1}}
Hollywood Sign PB050006.jpg This user wants you to join the
Los Angeles task force.
linked pages
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Userbox/la2}} linked pages
{{Template:User WikiProject San Diego}} linked pages
{{Template:User WikiProject San Diego/1}} linked pages
{{Template:User WikiProject San Diego/2}} linked pages
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Userbox/sfba}} linked pages
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Userbox/sbc}} linked pages
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject California/Userbox/socal}} linked pages

For other California user templates, please see: