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José Guadalupe Posada, bicycles of the dead
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Wikipedia is but one of many wikis. Wikipedia has especially strict requirements for articles. Potentially many articles useful to cyclists do not meet Wikipedia's requirements for encyclopedic content. This can sometimes lead to disputes when well-intentioned cyclists create new articles on Wikipedia. If you write a cycling-related article here and it ends up on WP:AFD, please transwiki it to a wiki which welcomes a wide range of cycling-related content, and exists to serve the interests of cyclists. We will of course continue to develop cycling-related articles on Wikipedia which do satisfy the requirements for encyclopedic content.
Examples of articles unsuitable for Wikipedia
These are some examples of cycling-related article topics which may end up on WP:AFD if they appear on Wikipedia:
  • Small, non-famous bicycle clubs
  • Local group ride schedules and routes (unless a ride is notable, i.e., famous enough to have been written about in reputable media)
  • Reviews of bicycle shops and equipment
  • Travelogue-type articles
  • Articles with many unsourced statements
  • Articles about yourself (if you are famous, better to let someone else write about you)
  • Non-notable bike trails, paths, cycleways, etc.
  • Advocacy articles (although we can write about notable advocacy movements on Wikipedia, actually advocating something must be done elsewhere)
  • Promotional articles (persuading people to join your ride, club, or vote for something)

When in doubt, develop your cycling-related content first on a hospitable wiki and then try copying the article to Wikipedia after you have it in encyclopedic shape.

This project has some consensus on how some things should be. Some 'decisions' are collected here. Consensus may change, and everybody is allowed to try and change the consensus. If you want to do so, please look at the previous discussions there, to see which arguments were used to come to the current consensus.