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Welcome to the Festival Newsletter

Issue I - April 2007

Current News
  • The project's scope has been updated to include Festivals with low attendance but Historical Origins.
  • Project remains in its infant stages! Help by expanding and adding the {{WikiProject Festivals}} on the talk pages of all festivals that meet minimum requirements.
  • There is now a list of our Festival Articles
  • One new templates is being worked on
  1. {{Love To Party Award}}
Current proposals, discussions, and articles needing expansion and review.

In the project

  • no new task forces suggested
  • no new Templates suggested

Articles needing review or expansion

Festival Article of the Month
Mardi-Gras (French for "Fat Tuesday") is the day before Ash Wednesday, and is also called "Shrove Tuesday" or "Pancake Day". It is the final day of Carnival (English IPA: [kaː(ɹ)nɨvəl]). It is a celebration that is held just before the beginning of the Christian liturgical season of Lent.
Artist working on float for Mardi-Gras
Upcoming Festivals (April)