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WikiProject G.I. Joe follows these conventions for all G.I. Joe-related articles.



For standardization and organization, all article titles shall bear the name used on the very first version of the toy's packaging with the addition of (G.I. Joe) to the end. For example, Rip Cord (G.I. Joe) as opposed to Ripcord or Beach Head (G.I. Joe) instead of Beachhead. The spelling of first version names can be found here. Do not go by the page names in the link as they don't always match up. Instead, view the picture of the carded figure/filecard or box/blueprints to ensure accuracy.

File names[edit]

All names are to be written in the format of "Last name, First name, Middle name/initial." In the case of "CLASSIFIED", "UNKNOWN", or "VARIOUS", only the first letter of the word is to be capitalized. (i.e. Classified, Unknown, or Various)

Recycled codenames[edit]

In the case of reused codenames (such as Dial Tone and Doc) where there are two or more people using the same codename, characters and their biographies will be listed chronologically. In other words, the original (first) character will be listed at the top of the page with additional characters being listed in their own section on the same page. Each different character will have his own infobox.

Page layout[edit]

The layout of each character's article should look something like this:

I) Infobox
II) Short introduction

  • Should provide a short overview of each person who has gone by that codename
  • Do not include things such as birthplace, file name, etc. That's what the infobox is for.
  • Do not include things from different continuities (comics, cartoons, etc.). For example, the intro for Doc would not say that he was killed in action since he never died in the cartoon.

III) Profile - provide filecard information here

A) Toy history
B) Comics
1) Original continuity
2) New continuity
C) Animated series
1) Sunbow & DIC
2) Resolute
3) G.I. Joe vs. COBRA direct-to-video movies

IV) Video games
V) Live-action movie

  • Note that due to significant character changes for the 2009 film, this section will require its own infobox to provide the new names, birthplaces, etc. Whether the film characters are considered to be new or the original person will be decided later.

VI) References section
VII) External links section (optional)
VIII) {{G.I. Joe}} template

Section headings[edit]

With the exception of talk pages and this conventions page, section titles are not to be used as links.



Unfortunately, virtually all images of toys, comics, and cartoons are copyrighted. Even pictures you take of items in your own collection. However, these copyrighted images may still be used provided they meet these criteria and one of the following tags is placed on the image page for each article linking to it.

Non-free tags[edit]


{{Non-free 3D art}}


{{Non-free comic}}



In addition, please add any G.I. Joe images to the appropriate media category under Category:G.I. Joe images:

G.I. Joe images may also be added to the WikiProject, by adding "{{WikiProject G.I. Joe|class=image}}" to the file's talk page.


3 3/4" is the measurement used by Hasbro. 3.75" will not be used.

Trivia and popular culture sections[edit]

Wikipedia generally does not support the addition of trivia and pop-culture sections within articles. There is a tendency for such sections to degenerate into long lists of movie and TV show appearances, song lyrics, and the like. Similarly, lists of celebrity incidents tend to grow to inappropriate length.