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All articles are placed in the deepest possible category they will go (they may be placed in other categories as well, but only one Indiana category).

We have a base category, Category:Indiana. Below that is Category:Indiana counties. In each County category is an Images category for all images pertaining to that county, and the individual articles pertaining to that county. When a particular sub-county municipality (township or city) has at least five articles pertaining to it (including the main article on that municipality), it gets its own category and all relevant articles are removed from the County category and added to the municipality's own category. The municipality category also gets its own Images sub-category, and all images relating to the municipality are removed from the County category and placed there.

If there are at least five articles that belong in one of the following sub-municipality categories:

  • Sports in X
  • Recreation in X
  • People from X
  • Government of X
  • Businesses in X

then that category is created and all relevant articles are moved to it.