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This is a page which will list links to websites which are not acceptable as sources for article text. If you see any links or text from these websites, please help out by removing the text and links. The links below will search for links to these websites.

Points to keep in mind[edit]

  • In some places its acceptable for a website to be linked from the external links section but its usually not acceptable for the link and the related text to be used as a reference in the article unless the author of the article is known to be a reliable source for the article content. Even then, please try to find a reliable non-partisan website to reference the article text.
  • Links should meet the standards of WP:RS and WP:EL.
  • Remember to only remove links from the Main Article space (not from Template, User and Article and their talk pages)


Website Links on WP links links (mirror of Answering Islam) links links links links links links links links links links

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