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This WikiProject focuses on all aspects of the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game.

Project Participants[edit]

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Things we're working on[edit]

Work Magic: The Gathering up to Featured Article Status[edit]

Last attempt was made on October 2005. The article is listed as a Good article as of July 2014.

MTG sets[edit]

The goal is to create comprehensive articles on every Magic set. Each article should touch on the following points:

  • Overview – the set's theme and major points of interest; infobox template (see Useful templates below)
  • Set history – some interesting facts and history on the set
    • its design and development
    • Mechanics – something about the set's specific keywords and mechanics
  • Set storyline – a summary of the storyline told in the flavor text and relevant novels
  • Set Reception – how the set was received after release including:
    • Notable cards – which cards were the most sought after by the tournament and casual players around the world, cards with jaw-dropping rules and so on. Please include a reference as to why the card is notable. Some suggested sites to use as references:
  • Related links – must have a link to the official Wizards page on that set

NOTE: Most pages violate WP:INUNIVERSE. If you can rewrite these so it's clear that they're fictional, please do so.

MTG players[edit]

If a Magic player meets any of the following criteria proposed the Wikiproject Magic: The Gathering suggests that the player has achieved a notability within the game that justifies an article in the Wikipedia. A player may achieve notability in other ways. The general notability criteria of Wikipedia always take precedence.

  • The player is a member of the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame;
  • The player has earned 200 lifetime Pro Tour Points or more;
  • The player has won the player of the year title;
  • The player has won two or more Pro Tours;
  • The player has reached the top eight of a Pro Tour five times or more. (Top four of a team Pro Tour counts as a top eight.)

Each player article should contain the following information:

  • Vital stats – nationality, DOB, etc.
  • Winnings – number of wins, notable wins, $ won, pro points
  • Player card – cards that the player has designed as a result of winning

MTG fiction[edit]

Be careful and do some research before creating an article on a character, species or location. Remember the GNG; many of these subjects are lacking in reliable secondary sources.

MTG glossary[edit]

Rework List of Magic: The Gathering keywords into a form (eg. a glossary) where it stops becoming the target of so many AfDs. See User:Temporarily Insane/Sandbox/MTGkeywords for a current draft.

To-do list[edit]


Article templates[edit]

{{WikiProject Magic: The Gathering}} should be placed on the discussion page of any MTG-related articles, both as a means of recruitment to the project, and to create a contact point for other editors to reach in situations where an article might otherwise be listed for deletion.

{{MTG navbox}} provides uniform navigation between MTG-related articles.

{{mtgcard}} automatically links to the Wizards Gatherer database. For example, {{mtgcard|Mind's Desire}} will yield Mind's Desire.

{{Infobox mtgset}} is an infobox for MTG sets.

{{Infobox Magic: The Gathering Player}} is an infobox for MTG players.

{{MTG pth header}} {{MTG pth event}} {{MTG pth footer}} can be used to create a table of a player's accomplishments.

{{MTG-game-stub}} should be used to mark stub-length articles.

{{WP:MTG/I}} can be used to invite potential members.

Membership userbox[edit]

Code Result
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Magic: The Gathering/Userbox}} Usage


MTG barnstar02.png The Magic: The Gathering Barnstar
On behalf of WikiProject Magic: The Gathering, I hereby award this barnstar to Example for his or her excellent work on Magic: The Gathering–related articles.
A warm message to the recipient! [Bestower's signature] 12:34, 29 February 2012 (UTC)

This barnstar, {{MTG barnstar}}, is designed to be given to users who have done great work on articles within the scope of WikiProject Magic: The Gathering. To award this barnstar, place {{subst:MTG barnstar|1=Your custom message here. ~~~~)}} on the talk page of the recipient.

Articles for Deletion[edit]

Any current MTG-related articles for deletion may be listed here:


Bot-generated statistics (on articles having the project banner on their talk pages).

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