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The following suggestions are in addition to the guidelines for medical articles at Wikipedia:Manual of Style (medicine-related articles), as well as the general guidelines at Guide to writing better articles and Article development. They may give editors a more specific focus on the aspects of medical genetics. They are merely intended as a guide, not as a preset way of writing. All are open to debate, if you wish to add or edit these advice, please do so or discuss your suggestions here.

The scope of the project[edit]

The project works on:

Mainly every medical genetics related articles.


Articles should respect the feelings of readers who may have a genetic condition: some may not like the use of the word disease or disorder. Use words such as mutation carefully.

A good article on which phrases are preferred can be found at

Source material[edit]

It is important that information about causes, detection, treatment, and so forth reference high-quality medical textbooks and peer-reviewed studies, especially review articles, rather than low-quality sources like human-interest stories in newspapers, fundraising materials, or personal blogs. At the same time, external links should help families and individuals find outside sources that are up-to-date and accurate, yet accessible to non-technical readers.

Chromosome links[edit]

If an article relates to a particular chromosome the specific chromosome number should be linked to, and also consider whether the chromosome page would benefit from mentioning the article.


The genetic disorders category may be used for some articles worked on by this project, but also look for other categories and subcategories such as:


Stubs relating to medical genetics can be tagged with the {{genetic-disorder-stub}} template. Remember to add the WPMED template by inserting this into the article's talk page.

{{WPMED |class=stub |importance= |genetics=yes |genetics-imp= }}


The recessive inheritance of genetic disorders can be depicted with an explanatory diagram on each page, for example:

[[Image:autorecessive.png|thumb|right|XYZ disease is inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion.]]

The dominant inheritance of genetic disorders can be depicted with an equivalent diagram on each page:

[[Image:Autosomal Dominant Pedigree Chart.svg|thumb|right|XYZ disease is inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion.]]

There are also images for X-linked (including dominant and recessive) and co-dominant.

Some images used to depict genetic inheritance are in the Medical genetics images category. Others are on Wikimedia commons genetics category.

Reliable sources, references[edit]