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The Polish Wikipedia is a bit special to integrate articles to. Previous issues with translated articles have made the Polish Wikipedia change templates to make translating and replacing articles harder. A number of tools help out fixing the templates etc., but it is important to remember the reason for this difficulty. Only by treading carefully do we ensure that our translated content is integrated and kept live. There is no point in placing our content on the main space only for it to be removed.


Translations for the Polish Wikipedia require a number of additional steps not required on other Wikis before they can be fully integrated.


The {{Infobox disease}} template on the Polish wikipedia is {{Choroba infobox}} and there is no redirect present due to policy on the Polish Wiki. This means it has to be changed manually. Additionally the entries have Polish names, and some have different dependencies.


WikiProject Medicine/Translation task force/Integration guides/Polish
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 GroupMajor.minor
ICD-9-CM xxx
{{Infobox disease
| name            = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| image           = 
| alt             = 
| caption         = 
| DiseasesDB      = 
| ICD10           = {{ICD10|Group|Major|minor}}
| ICD9            = {{ICD9|xxx}}
| ICDO            = 
| OMIM            = 
| MedlinePlus     = 
| MeSH            = 
| GeneReviewsNBK  = 
| GeneReviewsName = 
Treponema pallidum.jpg
Electron micrograph of Treponema pallidum
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 A50-A53
ICD-9-CM 090-097
DiseasesDB 29054
MedlinePlus 000861
eMedicine med/2224 emerg/563 derm/413
MeSH D013587
{{Infobox disease
 | Name           = Syphilis
 | Image          = Treponema pallidum.jpg
 | Caption        = Electron micrograph of ''Treponema pallidum''
 | ICD10          = {{ICD10|A|50||a|50}}-{{ICD10|A|53||a|50}}
 | ICD9           = {{ICD9|090}}-{{ICD9|097}}
 | ICDO           =
 | OMIM           =
 | DiseasesDB     = 29054
 | MedlinePlus    = 000861
 | eMedicineSubj  = med
 | eMedicineTopic = 2224
 | eMedicine_mult = {{eMedicine2|emerg|563}} {{eMedicine2|derm|413}}
 | MeshID         = D013587 |


The Polish template can be found at pl:Szablon:Choroba infobox (contains full documnation in Polish), and uses the following formatting:

Note, name -> nazwa, image -> grafika, caption -> podpis grafiki
{{{nazwa łacińska}}}
[[File:{{{grafika}}}|240x240px|{{{podpis grafiki}}}]]
{{{podpis grafiki}}}
ICD-10 {{{ICD10}}}
{{{ICD10 nazwa}}}
{{{DSM nazwa}}}
{{{DSM nazwa łacińska}}}
{{Choroba infobox
 |nazwa              = 
 |nazwa łacińska     = 
 |grafika            = 
 |podpis grafiki     = 
 |ICD10              = 
 |ICD10 nazwa        = 
 |DSM nazwa          = 
 |DSM nazwa łacińska = 
 |DSM                = 
 |ICDO               = 
 |DiseasesDB         = 
 |OMIM               = 
 |MedlinePlus        = 
 |MeshID             = 
 |MeshYear           = 
lues, syphilis
Krętki blade
Krętki blade
ICD-10 A50
Kiła wrodzona

Superscript text=====Additional ICD10 codes===== Additional ICD10 codes are added through the format:

Note all entries must also have a nazwa or name field, even if it left without entry or empty.
 | 2. ICD10         =
 | 2. ICD10 nazwa   =
 | #. ICD10         =
 | #. ICD10 nazwa   =
Filling out all the fields[edit]

To fix the issues when importing from the English Wiki (which does not require fields for DSM or latin name it is possible to append the infobox replacing:

{{Choroba infobox


{{Choroba infobox
 |nazwa =  |nazwa łacińska =  |grafika =  |podpis grafiki =  |ICD10 =  |ICD10 nazwa =  |DSM nazwa =  |DSM nazwa łacińska =  |DSM =  |ICDO =  |DiseasesDB =  |OMIM =  |MedlinePlus =  |MeshID =  |MeshYear = 2013

This trick can be used possible even if a field is specified with an entry below, as the infobox module only reads the last supplied entry. Note that the MeshYear entry is here set to 2013, (something that should be applicable to all our articles as of June, 2014). If the MeshYear entry is left empty an angry red message appears in the infobox.


The Polish Wiki uses different citation templates than the English Wikipedia due to lengthy policy discussion on the Polish Wiki. Additionally the Polish Wiki has a policy against template-redirects (so do not attempt to create them). Due to this the citation templates need to be converted. This can be done manually, replacing every {{cite *}} template with the corresponding Polish one using the Polish Convert toolAlpha 0.0.4(source code not yet released, need to look up specifics of licencing, treat this iteration as PD) . A bot has been commissioned, and is in early alpha testing, and the first articles have been prepared. This bot will be released during the summer 2014. If it not released yet or does not function as intended please contact me.

{{cite book

{{cite news

{{cite web

{{cite journal

Changed to


Work in progress:


During translation Wikilinks are translated as normal content, which may create a number of red links. These need to be replaced with either proper links or removed, depending on community guidelines. Often smaller Wikipedias allow red links , as they can give an idea of where content can be expanded, while larger Wikis don't.

Larger Wikipedias often have content available even if you see red links - and normally the community provides guidelines on which tempus and plural form to use. At other times wikilinks may be found by going to the corresponding English article and looking in the left hand side for inter-wiki links. We are hoping to be able to implement the Wikidata platform in the future to ensure translation is smoother.


  • [1] Tool for converting templates, does not work on all templates. For example does not work on infobox disease templates.
  • [2] Bot to quickly replace all citation templates in a single article (currently early alpha, no documentation)