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New featured articles

Major Roy Phillipps with his daughter Helen, c. 1918
1902 lithograph of SMS Wörth
John Tyler (Designate & Wehwalt
Vice President to William Henry Harrison before becoming President on Harrison's death in office, the little-known Tyler is generally regarded as one of America's lesser Chief Executives but his assumption of the role set precedents for succession that are still in place. Designate took the article to GA status in 2011 before its first, abortive, FAC the following year; he recently joined forces with Wehwalt for Peer Review and a successful FA nomination.
Kronan (ship) (Peter Isotalo
According to Peter, "this is a quite natural continuation of my interest in naval history and maritime archaeology which began with Vasa (ship) and continued with Mary Rose (both FAs). Kronan is not as well-known and publicized as either Vasa or Mary Rose, but it is in many ways quite similar: an important and prestigious warship that sank tragically..." The article underwent GA and Peer Reviews prior to its Featured Article nomination.
Paul Tibbetts (Reedmalloy & Hawkeye7
A biography of one of the most famous airmen of all time, this article on the man who commanded plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and led the 509th Composite Group forms part of Hawkeye's series of articles on the early history of the American nuclear weapons program. Hawkeye took the article to GAN and ACR before joining forces with Reedmalloy for the FAC.
Roy Phillipps (Ian Rose
Part of Ian's long-running series on Australian airmen, this is the biography of a World War I fighter ace who was killed in a flying accident during World War II. In his nomination statement, Ian noted that the article passed a good article nomination two years ago and that he'd been able to expand it recently by drawing on newly available sources prior to nominating at ACR and then FAC.
Russian battleship Peresvet (Sturmvogel 66
The battleship Peresvet had an unusual history: built for the Russian Navy, she was captured by Japanese forces in 1905, served with the Imperial Japanese Navy until being sold back to Russia in 1916, and sank after hitting German mines of Egypt in January 1917. During this period she was reclassified first as a coast defence ship, and then as a armoured cruiser. The article passed GA and A-Class Reviews before attaining Featured status.
SMS Wörth (Parsecboy
The pre-dreadnought battleship Wörth served as a flagship and was commanded for a period by the brother of Kaiser Wilhelm II. She saw service off China during the Boxer Rebellion and was used as a guard ship during World War I before being decommissioned in 1915. Parsecboy took the article through GAN and ACR before it passed FAC; it is also part of two Good Topics: Brandenburg-class battleships and Battleships of Germany.
Vannevar Bush (Hawkeye7
Another in Hawkeye's series on the Manhatten Project, this article focusses on an engineer and science administrator who "is also known for his work on analog computers, for founding Raytheon, and for the memex, which introduced the concept that we now know as the hyperlink". It's been a long time between drinks for Hawkeye with this article, which passed GA and ACR in 2012 and was waiting in line for its shot at FAC until just recently.

New featured pictures

New A-Class articles

An oil painting depicting the destruction of Kronan during the Battle of Öland
Nagato-class battleship (Sturmvogel 66
Continuing Sturmvogel's prolific work on warships, this article covers a pair of dreadnought battleships operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy. Work on the ships began during World War I, and both were still in service during World War II, but they saw saw little combat.
Battle of Öland (Peter Isotalo
In the nomination statement Peter described this article as "an outgrowth of my work on Kronan (ship) (currently at FAC)", and noted that he also hopes to develop it to FA status. The article provides detailed coverage of a naval battle between an Danish-Dutch fleet and the Swedish navy in the Baltic Sea during 1676, which ended in defeat for the Swedes.

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