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How to use this page[edit]

Please use this page to list fighters that need full articles of their own, either because they have no article at all yet, or just a stub.

Adding fighters[edit]

Please add any notable fighter you can think of that doesn't yet have their own article, or have just a stub. Add the fighter to the first list if they have no article at all, or the second if they have just a stub.

if the fighter's notability is not totally obvious on the international scene, please include a few words to explain their notability, and/or a link to their Sherdog fight record.

Removing fighters[edit]

When fighters have an article, please remove them from the list, or move them to the second (stub) list if you have just created a stub for a fighter in the first list. You may wish to create an entry in the work done section of the project page, so that other project members can see what you've done.

List of notable fighters with no article at all[edit]

You can use the quickbio template to create article stubs. Just copy and paste.

Fighter People working on article
Justin Gaethje Nobody because according to wiki he's not notable :-/
Josh Hersey

List of notable fighters with only a stub article[edit]

If you are working on creating full articles for these fighters, please put your signature by their name - that way, other editors can concentrate on other fighters.

Fighter People working on article
John Alessio
Marcus Aurelio
Katsuya Inoue
Yuki Kondo
Kiuma Kunioku
Daijiro Matsui
Dave Menne
Andrei Semenov
Miodrag Petković
Andre Amade
Alex Andrade
Noboru Asahi
Luiz Azeredo
Savant Young
Ronald Jhun
Mike Corey

For more, please see Category:Stub-Class mixed martial arts articles.