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Welcome to the WikiProject Motorsports Magazine Archive in magazines and other publications. The purpose of this section is to list hardcopy references held by members of WikiProject Motorsport. Editors who have listed books or magazines here are happy to be contacted by editors asking specific questions or requiring specific references for articles they are working on. Please do not ask those listed here to 'reference Article X': remember that the holder of the reference in question may not have the same interest as you in the particular topic, so be polite and be patient. :)

Instructions for users[edit]

If you find a relevant match, then check on the right to see which project members have a copy. Contact that user on his or her talk page and hopefully they will be able to send you the appropriate information.

To easily search all the different subpages of the magazine project, follow these instructions (this works with Firefox):

  1. Bookmark this page
  2. Right-click the bookmark and select "Properties"
  3. Change the name to "WP:MOTOR library search".
  4. Change the keyword to "motorlibrary".
  5. Now you can type something like "motorlibrary Schumacher" in the Firefox address bar to search all the different magazines that have articles so you don't have to browse all the different magazine pages.

Instructions for contributors[edit]

If you wish to contribute to the project, please add your personal archives to those below and follow the general table format. The archive is arranged alphabetically by magazine name and then by issue number, if the magazine you wish to archive is already present then just add your issues to the table. Otherwise create a new table in the archive with the title of the magazine, the archive. Remember to add your username into the contact field for issues you own. Please be thorough when checking magazines, and be sure to wikify relevant terms.

Online resources[edit]

For online resources, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Motorsport/Sources.

Archives held by members[edit]

Yearbooks (multiple sports)
Weekly magazines
  • If a subpage page is red linked, it means that no one in this project has editions from that year.
  • /Autosport
Monthly magazines
  • For instance, DVDs, VHS and CDs.
  • /Media