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Currently, all stub storting and organizing wikipedia-wide is managed by WikiProject Stub sorting. I've made a proposal to delegate the responsibility for musician related stubs and stub categories (notably Category:Musician stubs) to Musicians WikiProject. The proposal also provides some high level details for how I suggest these be organized, because they're currently a mess. Please go there to discuss this and if it goes through, then this will be the new sub-project page for the undertaking.

Current proposal[edit]

This is my proposal (B.Mearns*, KSC):

Category:Musician stubs remains the top level for stubs with no additional information about the artist that can help categorize it more specifically. It has three subcategories:

  • Category:Musician stubs by nationality
  • Category:Musician stubs by genre
  • Category:Musician stubs by instrument

Each of these will have appropriate sub categories, for instance Category:American musician stubs under Musician stubs by nationality and Category:Blues musician stubs under Musician stubs by genre. Each of these sub-cats we'll call a first-order sub category, because they're based on one piece of information, either the nationality, the genre, or the instrument. Each such first-order cat will have a template, e.g., {{Australia-musician-stub}} for Category:Australian musician stubs.

Each first-order cat will be further subdivided by the other two first order information bits, so for example, each first-order category in Category:Musician stubs by nationality will be divided into Category:<nationality> musicians by genre and Category:<nationality> musicians by instrument. Inside these cats will be the second-order sub categories because they're based on two bits of information, for instance Category:American blues musicians is based on American (nationality) and blues (genre). This category would be a sub category of Category:American musicians by genre and of Category:Blues musicians by nationality.

Each of these will have their own second-order template which covers both pieces of information. I'm not usre if there's a defined naming convention for this yet, but if not, I would suggest keeping with the category name, i.e., {{<nationality>-<genre>-musician stub}}, {{<nationality>-<instrument>-musician stub}}, and {{<genre>-<instrument>-musician stub}}.

Finally, each second-order has a sub-cat which houses third order cats, so for instance Category:American blues musician stubs has a sub category called Category:American blues musician stubs by instrument, which houses all the third order sub cats. An example of a third order sub cat would be Category:American blues guitarist stubs which would have the following parent categories:

  • Category:American blues musician stubs by instrument
  • Category:American guitarist stubs by genre
  • Category:Blues guitarist stubs by nationality

And of course, each third-order cat has it's own template.

All articles should be placed as specifically as possible, and should NOT be repeated in parent categories of categories it's already in, so for instance if it's already in Category:American blues musician stubs, it should not be directly placed in either Category:American musician stubs or Category:Blues musician stubs.

An example[edit]

  • Category:Musician stubs
    • Musician stubs by nationality
      • American musician stubs
        • American musician stubs by genre
          • American blues musician stubs
            • American blues musician stubs by instrument
              • American blues guitarist stubs
        • American musicians stubs by instrument
          • American guitarist stubs
            • American guitarist stubs by genre
              • American blues guitarist stubs
    • Musician stubs by genre
      • Blues musician stubs
        • Blues musician stubs by nationality
          • American blues musician stubs
            • (see above)
        • Blues musician stubs by instrument
          • Blues guitarist stubs
            • Blues guitarist stubs by nationality
              • American blues guitarist stubs
    • Musician stubs by instrument
      • Guitarist stubs
        • Guitarist stubs by nationality
          • American guitarist stubs
            • (see above)
        • Guitarist stubs by genre
          • Blues guitarist stubs
            • (see above)