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Key resources[edit]

You should read any of these articles, take a fact from the one you read, take the citation from this page, and then incorporate the fact with the citation into a Wikipedia article!

A major barrier to improving articles is taking the time to review the literature and identify the sources from which content ought to be gathered. This page is a collection of resources which would be useful for developing WikiProject Open Access articles. Please feel free to add to this collection.

If you do not have online access to journals then your local university library will give you free access to these articles. For advice about other ways to access scholarly journals contact user:Bluerasberry.

Open access[edit]

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Open science[edit]

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Region or project specific articles[edit]

  • Kumar, M. S. V. (2009). "Open Educational Resources in India's national development". Open Learning: the Journal of Open and Distance Learning. 24: 77–84. doi:10.1080/02680510802627860. 
  • Smith, M. S.; Casserly, C. M. (2006). "The Promise of Open Educational Resources". Change: the Magazine of Higher Learning. 38 (5): 8. doi:10.3200/CHNG.38.5.8-17.