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Wikipedia:WikiProject Tea Picture Guidelines are intended to be common sense features that pictures taken for the infobox should have, it does not apply as much to other pictures within the article. It is hoped that for each infobox two pictures will be available, one of steeped leaves and one of dry leaves for the commonest variety of the tea in question.

Dry leaf pictures[edit]

  1. Use a scale is almost always forgotten, when picturing dry tea leaves.
  2. Take picture from the top in order to provide a fair comparison of size and less perspective.
  3. Cover the whole area of the picture as the infobox is small and it would be a waste to have a waste of space.
  4. Use sharp focus because the detail of the leaves is often important.
  5. Use white background so that if any is showing it does not cause inconsistensies in the different pictures, but have as less as possible showing.
  6. Spread leaves out evenly and not in a pyramid, again avoiding perspective.
  7. Show just the tea and not boxes or utensils that you have lying around the place.

Steeped leaf pictures[edit]

  1. If possible use a clear glass and take the picture from an angle.
  2. Use white background avoiding inconsistensies.
  3. Steep the tea properly using the specified brewing parameters.
  4. Show just the tea and not boxes or utensils that you have lying around the place.

Dry leaf examples[edit]

Perfect picture[edit]

No picture available

Good picture[edit]

Gunpowder tea in pile.jpg


  • Bad zoom and not enough detail
  • Pyramid rather than spread out
  • Wasted space

Non conformant picture[edit]



  • Utensils rather than tea
  • Bad zoom and not enough detail, fuzzy
  • Tea in a bowl rather than lying flat

Steeped leaf example[edit]

No picture available