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The railroad of The Cane Belt Railroad Company, hereinafter called the Cane Belt, which is leased to and operated by the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe, is a single-track standard-gauge steam railroad, located in the southeastern part of Texas. The owned mileage consists of branch lines, of which the principal one extends southeasterly from Sealy to Matagorda, a distance of 90.647 miles. Short branches extend from the above line to points in the same territory.


The Cane Belt was incorporated under the provisions of chapter 1, title 94, of the Revised Statutes of Texas on March 10, 1898, for a period of 50 years. Its stated purpose, as amended, was to construct, own, maintain, equip, and operate a standard-gauge railroad from Eagle Lake, Colorado County, to Bonus, Wharton County, a distance of about 15 miles; from Eagle Lake to or near the town of Sealy, Austin County, a distance of about 15 miles; and from Bonus, in a southerly direction, through the counties of Wharton, Matagorda, and Brazoria to tidewater on the Gulf of Mexico, at a point on the southeastern boundary of Brazoria County between the mouths of the Brazos and Colorado Rivers, a distance of about 74 miles, or a total of about 104 mlles; all in the State of Texas.


The property of the Cane Belt was acquired by direct purchase and by construction. Of the mileage owned, about 5 miles was purchased and the remainder constructed. The line from Bay City to Matagorda [?] a total of about 34 miles, was constructed by the Colorado Construction Company under a contract dated July 28, 1902, the remainder being constructed by the Cane Belt. The following table shows how each section of the property was acquired, the date purchased or placed [can't get the text]