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The railroad of the Long Branch Coal Railroad Company, hereinafter called the Long Branch Coal Railroad, likewise leased to and operated by the Louisville and Nashville, is a single-track, standard-gage line, extending northwesterly from Village Springs to Lehigh No. 2, Ala., a distance of 8.329 miles.


Incorporation of the Long Branch Coal Railroad was effected under the general laws of Alabama, for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad in Alabama, extending from the properties of the Birmingham Mineral Railroad to the properties of the Lehigh Coal Company. Articles of incorporation were filed in the office of the secretary of state on November 12, 1901, and a certificate of incorporation was issued December 19, 1901. Its first board of directors was elected December 19, 1901.


The 8.329 miles of railroad owned by the Long Branch Coal Railroad were all acquired by construction. The construction work was commenced in November, 1901, and was completed on October 1, 1902.