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The carrier is a corporation of the State of Colorado, having its principal office at Colorado Springs, Colo. It is controlled by the Cripple Creek Central Railway Company, a holding corporation, through ownership of its entire outstanding capital stock except directors' qualifying shares. On the other hand the records reviewed do not indicate that the carrier itself controls any common-carrier corporations.

The property of the carrier was operated by its own organization from 1893 to July 21, 1917, and by the Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs Railroad under lease from July 22, 1917, to December 31, 1918. As of January 1, 1919, the lease agreement was canceled and, instead, the carrier leased the entire owned mileage of the Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs Railroad, which is herein classified as yard and side tracks; also a portion of the mileage of the Colorado Midland Railroad. This leased mileage, together with its owned property, has been operated by the carrier from January 1, 1919, to date of valuation.

Effective also on January 1, 1919, the carrier acquired oral permission from the Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs Railroad to operate over the railroad property which the latter company then held under lease from The Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District Railway Company. As of date of valuation, the carrier is solely operating part of such property, and is using other portions jointly with the Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs Railroad, as more fully explained elsewhere in this report. However, since The Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek District Railway Company has subsequent to date of valuation abandoned its entire railroad, no part of its property is herein inventoried.


The carrier was incorporated August 9, 1892, under the general laws of the State of Colorado for the purpose of constructing, purchasing, or leasing a line of railroad from Cripple Creek to Hayden Divide, Colo. The date of its organization was August 27, 1892.


The owned mileage of the carrier amounting to 29.038 miles, was all acquired by construction. The dates when the construction of the various portions of the [...]

Divide to Midland, Colo. Dec. 11, 1893 7.10
Midland to Gillett, Colo. July 4, 1894 7.23
Gillett to Victor, Colo. Dec. 16, 1894 10.30
Victor to Anaconda, Colo. Aug. 25, 1895 2.20
Victor to Victor Junction, Colo. do .59
Anaconda to Cripple Creek, Colo. Dec. 19, 1895 1.88
Total 29.40
Difference between total recorded mileage and milage[sic] inventoried as of date of valuation .363
Mileage inventoried as of date of valuation 29.038