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The railroad of The Sharpsville Railroad Company, hereinafter called the carrier, is a single-track standard-gauge steam railroad, located within the State of Pennsylvania. The owned mileage extends in a southeasterly direction from Sharpsville to Wilmington Junction, Pa., a distance of 16.727 miles, with a branch line 1.205 miles long to the line of Erie Railroad Company at Sharpsville, making a total main-track mileage of 17.932 miles. The carrier also owns yard and side tracks totaling

Corporate history.—The carrier was incorporated under the general laws of Pennsylvania on March 6, 1876, for the purpose of acquiring and operating the property of the Sharpsville and Oakland Railroad Company, an unincorporated company, and to construct an extension thereto to Cherry Township, Butler County, Pa., making a total proposed mileage of approximately 35 miles. The organization of the carrier was perfected March 25, 1876. The property, rights, and franchises of the [sic] Oakland Railroad Company were acquired by the carrier by direct purchase, by deed dated March 25, 1876, from Charles E. Agnew, trustee, to whom that company's property had been sold and conveyed by deed bearing the same date.

The carrier operated its own property from March 25, 1876, to January 20, 1897. From January 21, 1897, to date of valuation the property has been operated by a receiver. The principal office is at Sharpsville. The detailed facts as to the development of the fixed physical property are given in Appendix 2.