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The railroad of the Virginia Blue Ridge Railway, hereinafter called the carrier, is a single-track standard-gauge steam railroad extending in a northwestwardly direction from Tye River to Woodson, Va., a distance of 12.006 miles, with a branch line from a point near Lowesville to Massies Mill, Va., a distance of 6.776 miles, a total of 18.781 miles of main track. The carrier wholly owns and uses 20.966 miles of all tracks, which are classified in the trackage table in Appendix 2.


The carrier was incorporated May 22, 1914, under the general laws of the State of Virginia, for the purpose of constructing, maintaining, and operating a railroad with its principal termini at Tye River and Massies Mill. The date of organization of the carrier was December 19, 1914.


The owned mileage of the carrier, 18.781 miles, was all acquired by construction. The years when the two portions of the line were constructed are indicated in the following statement:

Portion constructed:
Tye River to Woodson, Va., January, 1915, to September 15, 1916 12.01
Junction to Massies Mill, Va., 1915 to October 16, 1916 6.78
Total 18.77
Difference between total recorded mileage and mileage inventoried as of date of valuation .011
Mileage inventoried as of date of valuation 18.781

The construction work was performed by company forces and by various contractors, none of whom appear to have been affiliated with the carrier.