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Women in Science Oxford Editathons: Ada Lovelace bicentennial 2015
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To celebrate the bicentennial of Ada Lovelace, University of Oxford IT Services, the Bodleian Libraries and Wikimedia UK are running a week of four events to improve Women in Science content on Wikimedia sites. These are free events. Follow the links for details:

Publicity and coverage[edit]

Some participant comments[edit]

Custom cupcakes provided by Oxford University IT Services

See the Evaluation links on each event page for more details.

  • Fantastic activity. I loved it. Transcribing one paper written by Mary Somerville and making it available online for the first time was a really amazing proposal. I think that all the group felt important, at least I did!
  • I was impressed with the whole Wiki thing. Some of the other course members sounded interesting. I'd be interested in receiving references to their work. I can think of a project that would be do-able, I think, in the Wiki format. Is there a way one could take this idea forward?
  • It should have been a little easier for the general public to access the course.
  • Martin very knowledgeable and supportive
  • I wonder if a monthly Wikipedia editing session would be popular? My impression was that lots of us found it a very rewarding and useful experience and would like to continue contributing. I would certainly be more likely to do this as part of a group.
  • Great session! I would definitely go to an editathon again!
  • As the participants fell into new/experienced editors, one alternative might be to place the newbies near the front half of room near screens. This would enable us to read the screens more easily for reference, and also to have a roaming trouble-shooter among us, who knew we were newbies. Also, a really basic 'Action List' on screen might help us to not get lost/left behind so easily.
  • Also attended the Ada Lovelace Live event in London the same evening so had to leave a bit earlier than course finish time unfortunately. Very helpful people running the training.
  • Martin very approachable and helpful
  • Really enjoyed this workshop and felt I was able to contribute to Wikipedia in a small way.
  • Enlightening - thank you!
  • Thank you for all 3 days, will be correcting those annoying grammar errors and extra long sentences now. Wikimedia de-mystified!
  • I really enjoyed this workshop - thank you.
  • I found the session really useful and fun
  • Very helpful and enthusiastic tutor

Past events[edit]