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This page gives a basic layout sample for formatting and organizing a website article.
Type of site
Owner "heebie"
Created by "heebie"
Commercial No
Registration On some network sites only is the main site for a network of mini-sites, mostly run via subdomains. Run by fellow Wikipedia user User:heebiejeebieclub, the network's sites cover his broad interests.


History of the website, who started, who owns now, major milestones.

Main features[edit]

Why has it become such a popular website (so popular, in fact, that it is worth a mention in Wikipedia!) was up????




Name as appropriate. Any critical reviews of the site from reliable sources? Have there been any criticisms about the site? Has it won any awards? This section should be well sourced to avoid original research, and all criticisms should be mentioned using neutral language and tone.

See also[edit]

Related sites' pages, if any


In-line citations heavily preferred. Use {{cite web}} for citing web sites, and other appropriate citation templates for other types of sourcing.

External links[edit]

You might also want to include a link to its archives at the wayback machine

(if stub)

Also remember to include categories, sister projects like wikinews, commons, etc (if any)