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Video training tips for making Wikipedia video


  • Aim for less than 2 minutes for finished video (unless you know what you're doing)
  • Try to keep content language agnostic, if possible

Basic visual literacy concepts[edit]

  • Framing using rule of thirds
  • Framing human subjects (don't cut off the chin, talk/nose space)
  • Holding each shot for 10 seconds
  • One concept or movement per shot (no "spray and pray" shooting)
  • Watch lighting and focus
  • Beware of what audio you're recording
  • Shoot lots of closeups. Up to 75% of your shots should be closeups.

Advanced topics[edit]

  • Use a tripod as much as possible. Makes for steadier/usable shots
  • Don't cross the line of action. Stay on one side of the subject for a logical shot sequence
  • Continuity and consistency (objects in left/right hand)
  • Make smooth and steady camera moves (start still, end still)
  • Avoid shooting brands or copyrighted information
  • Use only "freely licensed" content from trusted sources (ie. Wikimedia Commons, Internet Archive, et al)


  • Use only freely licensed background music
  • For interviews, best to use a external microphone (handheld or lapel mic).
  • For voiceover narration, find a quiet/dead audio location. Good: closet with clothes, or under blanket. Bad: bathroom


  • Pacing: keep clips between 3-6 seconds
  • Limit transitions and effects - stick with cuts only, no blur/wipes/fades
  • We want variety of shots and sequences, don't repeat yourself, use diversity of clips
  • Avoid jump cuts and abrupt movement
  • Add text (on screen) or narration when necessary