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Hi Wikifiers!

In August, following a Templates for Discussion nomination, the {{wikify}} tag was deprecated in favor of more specific templates. However its use has not fully stopped and its 0-page backlog must be cleared as soon as possible

The existing templates covering different aspects of wikifying were added to one main category, Category:Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify (37,541 pages strong), as well as the newly created {{underlinked}} template. You can check out the structure of the new backlog in the category tree below.

Hopefully this will make wikifying easier (taggers have to specify what needs doing rather than leave the wikifier to figure it out for himself) and more fun: one can now choose a certain aspect of the backlog and tackle it. This said, the tags might not cover every issue on an article, so the wikification instructions still apply.

Happy editing! ~ benzband (talk)

Backlog category tree
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