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Wiki Science Ireland 2021 is a scientific photo contest for research photographs organised by Wikimedia Community Ireland aiming to promote and engage people with science in Ireland and beyond. The competition runs from 1 November to 15 December 2021.

2021 winners[edit]


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Photos are welcome of scientists, research subjects and the research process.

It is expected that the picture is sharp, the colours are in the correct tone and the image is exposed and framed correctly. Due to the scientific nature of the project providing accurate image information is essential. The description provided could answer such questions as: "Who is there in the picture? How is the photo taken? Where is the photo taken? What should you pay attention to?"

For images, the original size and .JPG format are preferred (.ogg video files, .png files, etc.). All submitted photos will be under a Creative Commons licence, CC BY 4.0. International competition rules are listed here.

In the competition there are seven distinct categories: people in science, microscopy images, non-photographic media, image sets, wildlife and nature, astronomy, and a general category. For the Irish competition, we have an additional prize awarded for an image representing Women in STEM.

To participate you will need a Wikimedia account, you can create an account here. Be sure to add your email address so that we can contact you when you win!


7 prizes will be awarded for each of the categories, with a special prize for the additional category of Women in STEM.


  • Elora McFall
  • Shannon Eichelberger


Questions related to the participation in the photo contest can be submitted to this page's talk page or by contacting us directly at