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Commons picture of the day
Brown rock chat (Oenanthe fusca).jpgA Brown Rock Chat Oenanthe fusca living in the Bateshwar Temples in Uttar Pradesh, India. These birds are often found living in old buildings.


This template shows the POTD from Commons. Not to be confused with Wikipedia:Picture of the day.

The data is automatically updated in {{User:JJMC89 bot/Commons picture of the day}}, which can also be used to create custom layouts.


  • thumb=yes – show as thumbnail
  • title=yes – show the title (only in combination with thumb=yes)
  • caption=no – don't show the captions
  • float=left/right – for floating the thumbnail left or right (default=left)


  • {{WP:Wikimedia Commons/POTD|thumb=yes|title=yes|float=right}} - this will show a thumbnailed version, floated right, with the title and captions.

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