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The Wikipedia drinking game. Take a sip when

  1. In an AfD, someones says "delete per nom."
  2. someone says "delete as cruft"
  3. resolving a conflict after weeks of discussion and someone new starts editing and screwing everything up again.
  4. When an editor accuses another of being part of some special interest (i.e. editing for the Republicans, Democrats, Tories, Allah, etc.)
  5. When you think The Cabal is working against you
  6. Using up countless text in an RfC about content for an article and finally getting it resolved only to have the article deleted two months later.
  7. someone tries to insert "penis" into any article.
  8. an edit summary says "rv v"
  9. any revert that says Reverted edits by (talk) to last version by ...
  10. Find the last edit on any page from an unregistered user. Take their IP address sips (e.g. if their IP is, take 123,123,123,123 sips).
  11. an edit summary that says "not an improvement"

Finally, please be safe drinking and ignore edit summaries that say "Twinkle"! No matter what else is there, you cannot overdrink a gnome.

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