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Every now and then, an editor will come along and cite some obscure policy or essay from the MeatballWiki, usually to make some pithy observation on some obscure behind the scenes process here, like an RfA, or an editor leaving in a huff, or some other crap.


We have our own policies, our own culture, and our own processes to explain and cover stuff. We don't need to be bludgeoned with some bloody website most people have never heard of when we have enough process and rules and essays here to bludgeon people with: in many cases the stuff on MeatballWiki just does not apply here anymore, and is often disorganized, incomprehensible, and out of date.

MeatballWiki may have been one of the first community wikis, but it is to the current Wikipedia what a Model-T is to a Lamborghini Murciélago.