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I have started cleaning up articles about ω-automata. We had a large number of stubs, all about very similar topics, but treated in different ways and with different notations. I have now turned omega automaton into an umbrella article and merged Rabin automaton, Streett automaton and parity automaton into it. Two more types of ω-automata, Büchi automaton and Muller automaton have articles with slightly more substance. I think it would still be a good idea to merge them into omega automaton, but that's more work than I am willing to do right now.

I tried to rename omega automaton to ω-automaton, but that failed because of the page-move blacklist. (Some vandals use titles with non-Latin letters for page-move vandalism.) Therefore I had to request the move so that an admin will do it. To my great surprise an editor with no apparent interest in computer science immediately appeared and opposed the move. If you have an opinion about whether this move makes sense, please go to Talk:Omega automaton#Requested move and comment. Hans Adler 01:22, 26 March 2010 (UTC)