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qSig documentation[edit]

So be it. — ~~~~ |      

 ~   Save page 

Script adds additional signature button next to «Save page» button:

on the left:  ~   Save 

  • on all discussion pages (odd namespaces)
  • on most forum pages in «Wikipedia:» namespace

This means that you need to sign on this page.
When you click «Save» the script will also check if the signature is present in the text.

on the right:  Save   ~ 

  • on all other pages in «Wikipedia:» namespace: rules, guides, projects, some other forums, etc.

This means that you might need to sign. Script will not check for signature when saving page.

Installation: add to your monobook.js:

  • either importScript('Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/qSig');
  • or the whole code of the script


  • sigAccessKey — accesskey of Sig button
  • sigText — text of signature (also changes it for sig button on toolbar)


sigAccessKey = ',';
sigText = '— ~~' + '~~'; //dash instead of --
importScript('Wikipedia:WikiProject User scripts/Scripts/qSig');

To do: The structure of Wikipedia forums is quite complicated. You're welcome to add additional forum names to RegExp condition in the script.

Any comments are welcome on this page or here: User_talk:Alex Smotrov