Wild Things (TV series)

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Wild Things (2010)
WILD THINGS tv series logo.jpg
Created by Smocko Productions / Stanford Productions
Directed by Jeremy Stanford
Starring Maria Roman / Tiara Russell / Cassandra Cass
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Running time 25 minutes
Original release March 22, 2010 (2010-03-22)
Related shows Trantasia

Wild Things is an eight episode reality television series which features three transgender women on a fundraising road-trip to earn money for a relative with a life-threatening disease.[1] The series stars Maria Roman, Tiara Russell and Cassandra Cass. The three women were first featured together in the documentary film Trantasia which chronicled contestants in the first ever 'World's Most Beautiful Transsexual Pageant'.[2] Wild Things reunites the three transgender women as they visit small towns in the United States and work in traditionally macho jobs to earn cash to assist Maria's brother who is struggling with a critical illness. The series premiered on Canadian television on The Movie Network and Movie Central on March 22, 2010.[3] The series has also been featured on Entertainment Tonight Canada.[4]

Season 1 Episodes[edit]

  • EPISODE# 101 BULL-RIDING RANCH-HANDS (Ranch Part 1): “Do you ride it bareback?”
  • EPISODE# 102 COWGIRLS GONE WILD (Ranch Part 2): “Nothing to fear, but fear itself”
  • EPISODE# 103 FISHING FOR HOTDOGS: “We didn’t trick you… We just sold you a hot dog!”
  • EPISODE# 104 BOXING KNOCKOUTS: “Madness! Mayhem! Shenanigans!”
  • EPISODE# 105 GRAPES OF WRATH: “Girl, you just made jam with one foot!”
  • EPISODE# 106 SLAUGHTERHOUSE THREE: “You gotta kill the cow before you grill the cow!”
  • EPISODE# 107 ATV… OMG! “Girls, are you ready to ride?”
  • EPISODE# 108 SECURITY! "Parting shots"


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