Wildcat Falls

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Wildcat Falls
Location: Yosemite National Park, Mariposa County, California, United States
Type: Tiered
Total Height 720 feet / 219 meters
Longest Single Drop: 120 feet / 37 meters
Number of Drops: 7
World Height Ranking: #367

Wildcat Falls is located at 37°43′24″N 119°43′01″W / 37.72328°N 119.71697°W / 37.72328; -119.71697Coordinates: 37°43′24″N 119°43′01″W / 37.72328°N 119.71697°W / 37.72328; -119.71697 in the western quarter of Yosemite National Park alongside Highway 140, approximately 2.8 miles inside the park from the Arch Rock Entrance. It consists of a relatively thin string of falls and cascades totaling 720 feet (some sources list 630 feet), and only flows until about May or June. There are a total of seven drops in the waterfall, the longest being 120 feet. The base of the waterfall is a mossy grotto that is easily reached on foot and is a popular location among photographers.