Wilerhorn (Emmental Alps)

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Wilerhorn is located in Switzerland
Location in Switzerland
Highest point
Elevation2,005 m (6,578 ft)
Prominence147 m (482 ft) [1]
Coordinates46°46′25″N 8°6′33″E / 46.77361°N 8.10917°E / 46.77361; 8.10917Coordinates: 46°46′25″N 8°6′33″E / 46.77361°N 8.10917°E / 46.77361; 8.10917
LocationBern/Obwalden, Switzerland
Parent rangeEmmental Alps

The Wilerhorn is a mountain of the [[Berner Oberländer Alps]] in Switzerland. It lies to the south-east of the Höch Gumme and to the north-west of the Brünig Pass. It should not be confused with the Wilerhorn that is in the Bernese Alps but the canton of Valais.[2][3]

Administratively, the summit is shared between the municipalities of Lungern, to the north and east, Hofstetten bei Brienz, to the west, and Brienzwiler, to the south. Hofstetten bei Brienz and Brienzwiler are in the canton of Bern, whilst Lungern is in the canton of Obwalden.[2]


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