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Wilfrid Van Wyck (16 November 1904 – 13 October 1983, in Woking,[1] Surrey) was a British classical music artists impresario and manager through his agency, Wilfrid Van Wyck Ltd, based in London. He was the second president of the European Association of Artist Managers.[2]


Van Wyck was the concert agent for cellists André Navarra, Aldo Parisot and János Starker; pianists Arthur Rubinstein, Witold Malcuzynski, Janina Fialkowska, Robert Casadesus and Ken Sasaki; soprano Victoria de los Ángeles; Kirsten Flagstad,[3] the Beaux Arts Trio, Guarneri String Quartet, Fine Arts Quartet;[4] the Utah Symphony Orchestra, then conducted by Maurice Abravanel,[5] and many other artists and ensembles.

Wilfrid Van Wyck was also a partner in Rimington Van Wyck Ltd,[6] a London record store[7] and publisher[8] at 42–43 Cranbourn Street,[9] Leicester Square, London. He retired in 1970.[3] His agency was purchased by London Management, part of the Grade Organisation.

Annabelle Whitestone, a former secretary who worked for Van Wyck in the late 1960s,[10] described him as a "difficult man" who was "very possessive about his artists."


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