Wilhelm Altmann

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Wilhelm Altmann
Born4 April 1862
Adelnau, Poznań
Died25 March 1951

Wilhelm Altmann (4 April 1862 – 25 March 1951) was a German historian and musicologist.


Wilhelm Altmann was born on 4 April 1862 in Adelnau, Poznań. He attended school in Breslau where he studied under Otto Küstner in music theory and the violin. From 1882-1885, he studied medieval history and classical philology at Marburg and Berlin. He then attended the Royal University, where he trained to be a librarian. In 1889, he moved to Greifswald, Germany, where he worked at Greifswald University as a librarian, and lectured in medieval history. In 1900, he got a job at the Royal Library in Berlin, and was the founder of Deutsche Musik Sammlung. In 1915, he became director of the music section at Musik Sammlung, where he remained until he retired in 1927. Altmann died on 25 March 1951 in Hildesheim. He was married to Marie née Louis, and they had three children.[1]

Literary works[edit]

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